The American Academy of Business, Language and Culture offers group classes and private lessons to working professionals, corporations, and university students.  Below is a full list and description of Business and English language courses. Custom classes may be developed on request. We also offer conversational English to help prepare for job interviews, working with international colleagues or tourists, and social occasions.



Develop your skills in
establishing credibility,
interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence,
team communicaiton,
communicating across cultures,
creating effective business messages,
planning and delivering presentations.


Plant Growing Out Of Coin Jar On Table In Office -  Investing / Business Success Concept

Learn Financial English and the many different terms and concepts used in the financial sector: financial ratios, income statement, balance sheet, compound interest, nominal and real interest rate, credit, return on investment, diversification, mutual funds, stocks, treasury bills, and more.


US dollar bills on background with dynamics of exchange rates. Trading and financial risk concept

Communicate in English about the banking system, its operating procedures, consumer loans, mortgage lending, money supply, accounts, interest rates, the Federal Reserve System, and the future of banking!



Learn, understand and effectively communicate economic principles, concepts and definitions: equilibrium price, elasticity of demand, fiscal policy, trade deficit, inflation, unemployment rate and more.

Conversational English


Have you studied English for years but you have infrequent opportunities to speak it in an authentic encounter? Does it take you a long time to warm up for you to speak English? Do you often feel your encounters with native English-speakers are not representative of your real language abilities? If so, this class is for you!

Economics, Finance, Banking​

Male hand holding globe with abstract global business cycle sketch on green background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Develop a comprehensive, multilingual mastery of your English language skills in the area of economics, finance and banking.
(blended class, ideal for students)

visual presentation

Visual Presentation

Develop your soft skills! Learn essential skills employers value most – learn how to create visually effective presentations!

public speaking

Public Speaking

Is public speaking one of your biggetst fears? Join this class to learn how to overcome your anxiety.


Educational Leadership


This course is designed for current educators in leadership positions, or for those who aspire to become educational leaders at international and private English-speaking schools in Poland. This course will prepare you for facing new challenges in your school by effective action planning, developing your leadership skills, and enhancing your performance as a leader. We offer educational consultancy and coaching. Contact us for more information.



This is a 20 hour course, in which you will learn about aspects of film and filmmaking by watching, discussing, and analyzing classic American films. Concepts such as mise-en-scene, frame composition, autuerism, and genre will be discussed. Each week, a different film and corresponding concept will be studied. You will be actively involved in hands on activities, discussions and debates. This course is ideal for high school and university students. 


glasses on top of stack of art books lying on table in bookstore

This is a 20 hour course, is which you will learn about English literature by reading, discussing, and analyzing various young adult novels. This course will expand your understanding, application, and variety of English vocabulary. Additionally, you will learn about basic elements of literature and speech, such as metaphors, characterization, and plot, via the novels.  You will be actively involved in hands on activities, discussions, and debates.  This course is ideal for high school and university students.

Interested in bringing these courses to your organization?

Interested in bringing these courses to your organization?

Questions about this course? Interested in designing a custom training program?

Questions about this course? Interested in designing a custom training program?