Founder and Teacher

Hey again! I’m Dana – your friendly Polish-American business teacher with a knack for the English language and a love for exploration. Believe it or not, I’ve got not one, not two, but three homes: Poland, the good ol’ USA, and the land of maple syrup, Canada. After three decades of traversing foreign lands, I made the bold decision to settle in Poland and establish The American Academy of Business, Language, and Culture.

Now, to unravel the mystery of my roots, the first thing I did upon my move, I went full-on Sherlock and did a DNA test. Turns out, I’m a delightful mishmash of 40% Balkan, 30% Baltic, 22% Scandinavian, and a sprinkle of 8% Eastern European. No wonder I’ve got a taste for Balkan wines and a soft spot for the Polish sea – it’s all in the genes, folks.

I moved to Canada when I was a teenager with about as much English as a parrot. High school was like a crash course in the language of Shakespeare – sink or swim, baby! But hey, through perseverance, I made it through and now I’ve got a soft spot for helping others navigate the choppy waters of language learning.
Fast forward a bit, armed with degrees in marketing, finance, and economics from the University of Guelph in Canada, I set sail for the United States. There, I graduated from the University of Georgia and the University of Oregon with a degree in Education and School Leadership and delved into a 20+ year career in American education. Teaching business courses and life skills at both high school and university levels, I even earned a nomination for High School Teacher of the Year along the way. 

Then came the grand adventure in Indonesia and India, where I immersed myself in the world of international school principalship. It was a whirlwind of instructional coaching, cultural enlightenment, and more passport stamps than I can count.

While I still hold certifications as a business teacher and principal in Georgia and Oregon, it’s the rich tapestry of experiences across Canada, the USA, Southeast Asia, and now Poland that truly shape my approach to guiding students on their English learning journey.
As for Poland, since 2019, I’ve been soaking up the local culture like a sponge. From leisurely strolls along Sopot’s sandy shores to cycling through the picturesque trails of the Tricity, every day feels like a new adventure. And with my son by my side and visits from my daughter in Canada, life here is vibrant and full of joy.

Though I now call Poland home, a piece of my heart will forever belong to the Great White North and the good ol’ US of A. After all, you can take the girl out of America, but you can’t take America out of the girl. Cheers to new adventures and old homes!

Dominick Simon


Dominick is a Polish-American hybrid with a side of humor and a dash of adventure. Despite hailing from the good ol’ USA, Dominick proudly waves the Polish flag, proving that nationality is more about heart than a birth certificate. Armed with fluency in English and a knack for deciphering basic Polish, he’s a linguistic ninja in the making.
High school in the States? Check. A year-long escapade in Indonesia? Double check. Attending an international high school? Triple check. Dominick’s passport is practically begging for more stamps than a collector’s edition. Thanks to his globetrotting escapades, he’s got more connections than your grandma’s knitting club.

Fast forward to November 2019, and you’ll find Dominick settling into the Polish scene like a pro. When he’s not busy cracking codes or debugging algorithms, you’ll likely spot him donning an apron and whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen. And if he’s not cooking up a storm, he’s out there in the great outdoors, basking in the beauty of nature with his trusty band of pals.
But let’s not forget about his Himalayan conquest – because who doesn’t love a good trek through the clouds?

Dominick’s adventurous spirit knows no bounds, whether he’s scaling peaks or conquering virtual realms as a video game developer hobbyist.
And just when you thought he couldn’t fit any more excitement into his life, here comes the plot twist: Dominick is currently moonlighting as a student at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology diving headfirst into the world of computer science and engineering. Because, you know, why settle for one adventure when you can have them all?

Ronald D. Waugh

Program Advisor

Ronald Waugh graduated with an MBA from Harvard University, specializing in finance. Currently, he is employed as an adjunct faculty member at Portland State University and teaches business at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon (USA). Ron, along with Dana and their team, implemented an innovative educational program fostering collaboration between Portland State University, Portland Community College, and a high school in Portland. Ron has extensive experience working with multicultural teams. Although born and raised in the United States, he has spent most of his life in Europe and Latin America and speaks fluently in several languages.

Experienced Founder, Business Educator, and Academic Leader:

Enroll in our programs and benefit from the expertise of our bilingual (Polish and English) founder, a certified business educator from the USA. Our commitment to delivering top-notch instruction ensures a pragmatic approach to mastering the English language, enhanced by the advantages of bilingualism for improved comprehension and retention of material.

Stability and Track Record:

Established in 2019, our institution boasts a track record of stability and trust among our students, many of whom have remained loyal since our inception. This longevity underscores our dedication to excellence and our students’ satisfaction.

Specialization in Business English:

Explore our unique curriculum tailored specifically for aspiring business leaders and professionals. Our courses are meticulously designed to hone essential language skills within a business context, fostering effective communication and professional acumen.

Personalized Learning Since 2019:

Forge enduring connections with our faculty, who prioritize personalized attention to cater to the individual needs of each student. Our tailored approach ensures that your English language journey aligns seamlessly with your goals, opening doors to global communication and unparalleled life experiences.

Access to Cutting-Edge Educational Resources:

Embrace the future of learning with access to state-of-the-art educational technologies, interactive online platforms, and specialized software. Our commitment to leveraging modern tools enhances your English language proficiency in dynamic and engaging ways.

Cultivating an Inspirational Learning Environment:

Experience an educational culture characterized by encouragement, collaboration, and personal growth. Our nurturing environment empowers students to share ideas, foster creativity, and thrive together on their journey toward language mastery and professional success.

Our innovative and modern approach aims to embed learning within real-world contexts, including work-integrated learning, problem-based learning, project-based learning, and inquiry-based learning.


Emphasis is placed on the whole growth of a learner instead of emphasizing only specific parts of the human experience. It aims to develop a person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, and spiritual potential. It is the opposite of rote memorization.


Aims to customize learning for each student’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests.


It is a student-centered approach, involving joint intellectual efforts by students together to mutually search for understanding, solutions, or meanings.


Focuses on learners reflecting on their experiences of doing something, so as to gain conceptual insight as well as practical expertise. It includes active experimentation, concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization


It allows learners to explore, discuss, and meaningfully construct concepts and relationships in contexts that involve real-world problems and projects that are relevant to the learner.